Thursday, December 4, 2014


Every person wants to look trendy especially when
you have the means to go shopping of all kinds.

Nigerian celebrities aside their endeavours, loves
fashion and various accessories to go with it.
When you meet them at red carpet events, you
sometimes say wow at their outfit which could be
breath taking, flashy or elegant.
One person in the music industry one can point at
with loving dressing is 'Limpopo' crooner, Kcee. In
whatever he writes on his social media, he keeps
adding '#FASHIONICON' which has gradually
gotten the attention of his fans.
Sometimes, his dress sense are always on point
and sometimes, he gets it out of hand but one
thing is sure, the singer loves flashy things that he
once said that he will never come near poverty
again and God should tell him when poverty is
coming so that he can avoid it.
Well, this time Kcee got his dress sense fine but
forgot his inner wear. He was on all black dressing
un route to Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital, with
a nice transparent long sleeve shirt but forgot to
put on an inner shirt.
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