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Pro-VERB whose real name is Proverb T. Lawal is a musician , a fashion designer and a teacher.
He hails from Lagos state and he is the first of 5 kids.
Pro-VERB does not have a sexually transmitted disease as you may want to perceive but he has a STD way of life and how he delivers his message to the world, Pro-VERB's STD personae.
Pro-VERB's "S" singing it, Pro-VERB is posed by his God given nature to impart this generation with his music,
He can perform almost all genres of music namely Rock, Pop, R 'n' B, Rap, soul rock, a lot more and the striking factor about this enigma is that he has a message that would challenge the listener as well as appeal to the truth....
He is about to relaunch his career and he is telling Damilola Parkinson(@Intl_Parkinson) of Gemulah Entertainment all about it.

G.E 9JA : It is nice to have you right here and Gemulah9ja  and we appreciate your welcoming us into O.M.E studios,  please we would like you to tell people who Pro-VERB is?

Pro-VERB : My real name is Proverb T. Lawal, I am a song writer, composer, producer, musician, teacher , and fashionista , I am a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University Of technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria, I studied Pure and Applied Mathematics and I am just that simple guy who expresses himself through S.T.D ?

G.E 9JA : What do you mean when you say S.T.D ?

Pro-VERB : People think I am referring to some sexually transmitted disease but what S.T.D really mean are the three ways I express my message , which are "S" which stands for "Sing it", "T" for "Teach It" and  "D" for "Dress It" because these are the best ways to create the divine you and imbibe positive principles into yourself.

G.E 9JA : How did you come about your Stage name?

Pro-VERB : Proverb is my real name , I just had to hyphenate it to Pro-VERB because Pro means before,  drive, push, inspire, direct, to insight and enlighten, it is the event, or experience before the VERB which means actions or process that leads to achievement/transformation. That makes me the Drive and the Process that leads to transformation .

G.E 9JA : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Pro-VERB : Though nature whispers music into the minds of great musicians but shouts it into my mind , that I have to relieve myself by recording it. My inspiration comes from the deepest wisdom, the highest truth, my grandest experience, everything and nothing.

G.E 9JA : Whom would  you say is your role model and why did you choose them?

Pro-VERB : God is my role model, because the son of a lion is a lion and I would say the son of God is a god , I would love to be like my father.

G.E 9JA : We also gathered from your Facebook Fan Page that you were going to dedicate a song to a young man who lost his life in service of Nigeria?

Pro-VERB : Although I am not through with the song but I will give you the sketch and I would like to hear peoples reaction to the song also , as it has become a thing of hurt to me that young people have to lose their lives in service of their fatherland and it is waived away as if it should not be an issue that should be discussed in parliament. 

And you can also download it  right here :

G.E 9JA : We also heard that you will be dropping a single soon, want to shed more light on that?

Pro-VERB : Yes I will be dropping my newest single on the 19th of April titled "NAIJA" but it would only be a preview as I am looking to fully release the track among the young generation and I am looking at dropping it by having a live performance of the song at a juvenile center or probably an orphanage , it is all up to my management team (My Ogas At The Top ... Pro-VERB laughs ) to communicate the final decisions of the label.

G.E 9JA : Any album(s) dropping this year?

Pro-VERB : I can not say at the moment for it is our dream to take the message to all schools and youth institutions all over the country and motivate them to making a decision to push for the positive changes for this nation Naija (Nigeria) and also take a stand to live a better life and create a better future for the next generation.

G.E 9JA : Any last words?

Pro-VERB : Out of the night that covers us, black as the pit from pole to pole , I thank whatever gods may be, for our unconquerable souls. It matters not how strait the gate , how charged the punishments the scroll, we are the masters of our fate, we are the captain of our souls. We must create change in NAIJA  (Nigeria). Me and You. 

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