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An exclusive interview with the Dutty Whine crooner and hit-maker Adeniyi Akapo A.K.A Nitty Apede-Ara (@NittyApedeara)

An exclusive interview with the Dutty Whine crooner and hit-maker Adeniyi Akapo A.K.A Nitty Apede-Ara (@NittyApedeara),who is an African hip hop artiste, who is a talented singer and is not timid in dropping his lyrics in his mother tongue using both Idioms And proverbs mixed with a little spice of English  who always has a message for the world with various hit tracks such as "Dutty Whine", "lighter" among-st many other singles, read about his career , his women and his fans as He talks to Gemulah Entertainment's very  own Parkinson Damilola (@Intl_Parkinson)

G.E 9JA : What is your real Name?

Apede-Ara : My names are Adeniyi Olanrewaju Akapo, my stage name is Nitty Apede-Ara.

G.E 9JA : Where do you Hail from? and can you tell us a little bit about your growing up in Nigeria?

Apede-Ara : I am from Lagos state, Kaye Compound, Ajara Topa, Badagry, and i grew up in Mushin,                      Lagos, with My father who had 3 wives and I am the first son of my mum and the second                        born of 6 of the family. I did my primary education in Lagos, St. Annes Nursery and Primary
school, then my secondary education in St. Francis Catholic Secondary School and finished my senior secondary at Ikotun High School, then tertiary education at the Lagos State polytechnic where i studied Computer Engineering.

G.E 9JA : Why Music? Over a host of other careers, like your computer engineering?

Apede-Ara: I love the act 'cos tha act loves me!

G.E 9JA : When did music start for you and when did you record your first single?

Apede-Ara: I started music in 2003 when I recorded my first single Ginjah at Geminigh Studios
which was produced by VOSA,
since then i have gone on to record multiple hit singles
and collabos with the likes of Sean Daze, Mc. Kay and many  more great artistes. now my
                        current single is Dutty Whine produced by Stidman for Sick Beats.

G.E 9JA : How did you come about your Stage name?

Apede-Ara: The name came due to my self lineage and beliefs through the way

I spread my message and people just started telling
me my words are full of wonders as I use genuine and
street adage in my lyrics so that was how I came about the

name Apede-Ara( Thought of Wonders )

G.E 9JA : What does your stage name signify?

Apede-Ara: It signifies my content and delivery simple.

G.E 9JA : Were you part of any boy boy band growing up? and what happened?

Apede-Ara: I was not part of any band per say but I was once in this group
that due to the hussle and bussle of Lagos,
the group did not stand strong and we did not really get our acts together.

G.E 9JA : What genre of music do you do? and why this choice?

Apede-Ara: I do Afro hiphop and a little R 'n' B and a little raggae ,

you can call me the complete package. because "mon pede ara"

G.E 9JA : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Apede-Ara: My inspiration comes from my environment and the fans are my true source of motivation.

G.E 9JA : Your role model? and why them?

Apede-Ara : I do not have a role model, 'cos I am self made and I do things the way I am motivated to,
'cos I have to satisfy my fans
and I do not do what others have done or are doing.

G.E 9JA : Your most embarrassing moment as an artiste, then also as an individual?

Apede-Ara: The day I had a show and after I was set to perform the DJ couldn't get my CD to play,

and this went on until after my freestyle and yet the DJ couldn't still play my song,
cos his CD rom could not find my CD and the fans were wailing and shouting,

as they were eager to hear me perform my hit track and they got violent and the fans started

                        throwing sachet water at me and bottles. oh boi , no be small thing.

G.E 9JA : Your most rewarding moment as an artiste, then also as an individual?

Apede-Ara: I remember this album launch at Ilorin for T'Blinks where the fans were just

so loving when I stormed the stage and got the motivating response

and didn't want me to leave the stage and were just screaming for me.
oh boi, that one too no be small thing

G.E 9JA : What are your hobbies?

Apede-Ara: Playing Soccer, Snooker, Games, Swimming, shey I told you I am a complete Package.

G.E 9JA : Best Food, Colour, Fashion Trend, Relaxation Spot?

Apede-Ara: I like Rice and Stew with confam spices o, meat/fish/turkey broda all join.

I like Red colour, i like to dress casual with super swag for the street,

I like cinemas and Jedi Joints a lot. I no be complete package?

G.E 9JA : Aside music, what else do you think you would have been doing now?

Apede-Ara: Although music is my life, If there was no music oooo, I would rather be a computer  

G.E 9JA : Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you have been able to handle female fans?

Apede-Ara: AHHHHHHHHHH, (HE LAUGHS) (LAUGHS AGAIN!!!) Women are the salt of the
                       world and we can't do without them,AHHH, wahala wah o, (HE LAUGHS AGAIN) they
                       are my number 1 fans and I like respect them a lot 'cos na dem get this life ooooooooo.

G.E 9JA : Can you also tell us what your fans should be expecting in the year 2013?

Apede-Ara: They should be expecting more energy and good music as I am looking to drop my singles
                        soon titled "BAD MAN THING" and  "GIVE IT TO ME FT. GODILLAC" , y'all should
                        watch out , for my Video too, dropping soon!!!!!(Ibo Tongue)

G.E 9JA : If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with any artiste globally, who would you pick?

Apede-Ara: I love many artistes buh personally I would pick Olamide, Reminisce or Oritshe Femi.

G.E 9JA : So what  would you want to tell your fans, worldwide?

Apede-Ara: I appreciate them and thank them for their acceptance and support of my career, May God
                        bless your hussles too.

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