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Due to re branding, the artiste formerly known as Suzpekt Z'Krook is now called PROFYLE aka Barz!
A multi-talented artiste, song-writer, and rapper. Emmanuel Enengidi is a versatile performing artiste, He spits in pidgin and English and can sing also.
Profyle a.k.a BARZ
An epitome of urban music. He hails from the Southern part of Nigeria-Akwa Ibom, he has worked with various artistes both underground and those in lime light in Nigeria. Signed to Fly-Kings Entertainment, he is currently working on his debut album titled 'AWAITING TRIAL'. PROFYLE` aka BARZ, OJ's most kept secret is still locked behind bars in the hip-hop world and can't wait to jail break his talents! There is no holding back this time; Profyle drops his first single FOTO featuring YQ produced by DREW for CLASSICK TUNES and He also a mad hit on which feature Arafada (Isolate) and popular Comedian Owen Gee

Love 4D Streetz already out!!
G.E 9JA: Why Music? Over a host of other careers!
Profyle: I wouldn’t say I have chosen music over other careers, for me music was never a career option It was more of a hobby...A hobby am very good at, the fame and money Is just an added advantage when It comes and, If music adds to the money am stacking... fine...Am a hustler, every hustler knows every penny counts.
Profyle at his Video Shoot for 100 BARZ
G.E 9JA: Where do you Hail from? And can you tell us a little bit about your growing up In Nigeria?
Profyle: Am from Akwa Ibom State but I was born In Calabar and raised In Lagos. My growing up In Nigeria has been like any other I suppose, have had my experiences, have had my ups and down. I have the loveliest parents so my upbringing was great...Nothing out of the ordinary though. I have been to most states in the country have seen different cultures...actually my first university was In the north *Bayero University, Kano... It’s been awesome, have learnt a great deal just by being Nigerian and living In Lagos...u know what they say. You make It here you’ll make It anywhere

A shot from 100 BARZ
G.E 9JA: When did music start for you and when did you record your first single?
Profyle: That depends on what you mean by start... don’t know If u r talking professionally or otherwise but my love for music started early In the 90s..I was first a reggae artist and I was in a group with my older brother. Afrocentric hoodlums so my first single was recorded as a group but as a solo artist, my first single was recorded in 2004 titled “100 barz”. Was crazy, just str8 100 punch lines with no hooks


G.E 9JA: How did you come about your Stage name?
Profyle : Well most have known me as suzpekt zkrook until sometime In 2011,after I changed my name to Profyle, suzpekt I got while In high school, friends started calling me suzpekt ‘cos I was always In trouble with the school authorities, so I guess It was easy for the name to stick. I just added d crook pronounced zkrook to it...(He laughs),but after a while I  felt I had attained business maturity and had to project myself beyond the crazy, care free, nonchalant teenager I used to be I decided to change suzpekt zkrook to Profyle… A more positive and creative brand.

Profyle looking Suzpekt
G.E 9JA: What does your stage name signify?
Profyle: well, like I say It In the simplest tricky term every time.. I am like all other persons, I am like some other persons, I am like no other person.....I am Profyle.

G.E 9JA: Were you part of any boy band growing up? And what happened?
Profyle: I have never been In that situation.. I started music with people that loved and respected me so, I never was treated any less than other members of any crew I was with...As a matter of fact I always held my own. I cud deliver.

G.E 9JA: What genre of music do you do? And why this choice?
Profyle: I rap, I sing depends on my mood am limited to nothing... I listen to all genres of music and if it appeals to me I try to do something similar... I am like all other persons remember??(He laughs)

G.E 9JA: Your source of Inspiration and motivation?

Inspired Suzpekt

Profyle: First, I trust God to help me deliver 'cos I pray before I write any verse, I don’t ask for the best I ask to be heard ,am also Inspired by things I see around me, I clown a lot so that also reflects In my work.... One motivation... get rich and respected!!!!

G.E 9JA: Your role model? And why them?
Profyle: oh well, I respect Busta rhymes for style and creativity, Eminem for write ups and, can .I .bus for lyrics... just my opinion...

G.E 9JA: Your most embarrassing moment as Profyle, then also as an Individual?
Thrilling Fans in the U.K

Profyle: hmmmmmmm(he gives a big sigh)... as Profyle twud be when I went for a show In the east and some certain girl won’t let me out of my hotel room If I won’t sleep with her... she kept telling me she had chosen me and that lasted almost half the night, I was sneaked out of the hotel... twas funny but I felt stupid being protected from a girl..(He laughs) As an Individual Its most def. every time a friend continuously brags to a girl that am a star,a rapper, a musician blah,blah,blah and I know she Is thinking... Why don’t I know him (He mimics a girl hissing, then he laughs), sometimes I just want to be me… no hypes

G.E 9JA: Your most rewarding moment as Profyle, then also as an Individual?
100 BARZ

Profyle: Everyday as Profyle, Is rewarding...I get respect from people that shouldn't bother, I am exalted In places I probably wouldn't even be noticed, I get all the love  I need and most especially I get Paid!!! And In full too.(He laughs) As an Individual I wud say the same since Profyle Is In me... spiritual abi.(Another laugh)

SUZ as he is fondly called by very close pals

G.E 9JA: You sure laugh a lot
Profyle: That's just Profyle!!!

G.E 9JA: What are your hobbies?
Profyle: rack....wack...shacks and nacks......fIgure that out on ur own(he continues Laughing)

G.E 9JA: Best Food, Colour, Fashion Trend, and Relaxation Spot?
Profyle: I don't think I have a favourite; I eat what I feel like eating when I feel like, best colour Is blue, am not fashion crazy. A jean, baseball hat and T shirt. I like to be home If I am doing nothing Important out there... I have been on the streets too long man.


Fashion Style
Cool Profyle 
G.E 9JA: Aside music, what else do you think you would been doing now?
Profyle:  Aside music.......still be doing what I do every day........making that money, best profession ever.

G.E 9JA: Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you have been able to handle female fans?
Profyle: well... women, I try not to take advantage of them, I try not to bother myself with handling them...I just keep them.

G.E 9JA: Can you also tell us what your fans should be expecting In the year 2013?
Profyle: The next best thing...

G.E 9JA: If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with any Profyle globally, which would you   pick?
Profyle: Evan Essence

G.E 9JA: So what would you want to tell your fans, worldwide?
Profyle: Believe

G.E 9JA: Thanks a lot Bro, We wish all the best this year from our team.
Profyle: Wish you same bro, great job Dammy

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