Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Over 2000 Southern Africans Set To Storm Synagogue Nigeria

Far above our poor power to add or detract the reasons behind what drives people to Religion, it perhaps remains one of the mysteries of this world. This is because barely 2 months after the Synagogue building collapse which occurred on 12, September and killed over 80 South Africans, there appears a no retreat, no surrender kind of position from many South Africans who have vowed to be in Lagos for the yearly retreat of the Ikotun,Lagos-headquartered church, which is due in a couple of weeks. Inside Sauce’s checks revealed that over 2000 Southern Africans i.e
nationals of Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe have all made arrangements with many of their countries Church Tour Operators to be in Nigeria, with the Synagogue, their destination, to keep a date with Prophet T.B. Joshua. This latest development contrasts sharply with notion in some quarters that many South Africans are disillusioned and unwilling to come over to the church following the September tragedy.

It also underscores the fact that the church’s followers have continued to grow inspite of the collapsed building tragedy. Inside Sauce gathered that despite the death of many South Africans during the Synagogue tragedy, many of its citizens precisely the church’s faithfuls are throwing an arm and a leg to be a part of the End Of Year Retreat which often brings together other nationals of the world to converge under one roof. The Retreat, Inside Sauce gathered, takes days. Meanwhile, there has been outrage in South Africa over the late release of bodies of over 84 of its nationals who perished in the tragedy. In all, about 116 people died in the disaster and the Lagos State Government has initiated an inquest. Even as more South Africans jostle to be on the next flight to the Synagogue, there was still no news on when the bodies will be returned home owing to the late conclusion of DNA samples for the identification of the 116 victims. There is the story that the delay is because the South African Government is yet to send the results of the DNA forwarded to it by the Nigerian authorities. Families in South Africa, Inside Sauce gathered had to postpone funerals and rituals which they often perform after the departure of loved ones.
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