Tuesday, October 28, 2014

25 Year Old Ebonyi Woman Kills Husband with Machete While he Sleeps

A 25-year-old Ebonyi woman killed her husband in his sleep with his machete because she was fed up of his incessant death threats.
The Sun reports that whenever the woman Blessing Onyibe Nwogbagami, and her husband, Onwe Nwogbagami, got into an argument, he would chase her around the compound with a machete and threaten to kill her.

On one of such occasions on Monday, October 13th, after Onwe had chased her with the weapon and threatened her, he went to sleep in an uncompleted building. Blessing reportedly took the machete and hacked her husband to death while he was asleep.
Speaking on why she killed her husband, Blessing said:
“My husband was fond of chasing me with cutlass whenever we have misunderstanding. Whenever he brings out his cutlass, I will run out of the house for him. On that particular day, October 13, 2014, I had a misunderstanding with him and immediately he picked up his cutlass and chased me out of the house. Later he went to an uncompleted building to sleep.
Then I said to myself before my husband will kill me, let me kill him first. While he was asleep I went to where he kept his cutlass and killed him. Then I ran to my husband’s village at Ntezi Nkaliki and told the kinsmen that I killed my husband.”
Upon hearing her confession, the villagers took her to the nearest police station, along with her baby.
Police authorities stated that Blessing will be charged to court for murder, and that her baby will be placed in the custody of the Social Welfare Department to be placed in foster care.

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