Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vagin* Stadium Was Designed by a Female Architect

Vagin* Stadium WAS Designed by a Female
Architect… The female architect behind designs
for the new Al-Wakrah sports stadium has said
critics who compared her plans to female
genitalia are 'really embarrassing.'

Zaha Hadid has hit back against claims her
designs for the stadium, which will host the 2022
FIFA World Cup, resemble a woman's private
parts insisting they were inspired by an ancient
dhow boat.
Iraqi-born Hadid, who is considered one of the
world's best female architects, also suggested the
plans would not have faced the same criticism if
they were designed by a man.
'It's really embarrassing they come up with
nonsense stuff like this.
'What are they saying? Everything with a hole in
it is a vagina? That's ridiculous,' she told Time.
Hadid, who won the prestigious Pritzker
Architecture Prize in 2004 added 'if a guy had
done this project' there wouldn't have been the
same level of criticism.
The striking design is meant to resemble an
ancient dhow boat that Qataris traditionally used
for pearl diving.
But when plans were released for a new 45,000-
capacity stadium to host the 2022 FIFA World
Cup the first reaction was something different
As Qatar unveiled the stunning blueprints for its
new state-of-the-art climate-controlled Al-Wakrah
sports stadium, design went viral.
Thousands of fans posted tweets likening it to a
woman's private parts – something that was
almost certainly unintentional.
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