Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photos: Strange Disease That Turned This Man To “Half Man, Half Tree”!

The BBC and discovery have been running a series of documentaries on extraordinary people. After watching a couple of them i came to realise that there are indeed strange diseases and medical conditions out there. The weirdest one is this: half man, half tree! see more photos after the cut..
Dede, a former Indonesia fisherman, has an extraordinary skin condition: he has root like structures growing out of his body – branches that can grow up to 5cm a year and which protrude from his hands and feet, and welts covering his whole body.

He is known locally as ‘Tree Man’ and his condition has baffled local doctors for 20 years. In the documentary, Dr Anthony Gaspari, a world expert in skin conditions from the University of Maryland travels to Indonesia to attempt to diagnosis Dede’s mysterious condition.

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