Monday, August 26, 2013

HELP! My husband has torn my anus apart- wife begs

Although they used to be what you can call "a straight couple" by sexual orientation, but due to a gynecological challenge, the wife did not find sex convenient any longer, as a result her husband resorted to copulating with her via "the back door."

His sodomy, however, is not only obnoxious to his wife but has also been causing her pain and discomfort. The misunderstanding arising from this culminated in a discord that is currently putting the fate of the family in the balance as the couple, Emmanuel and Funke Agboola, now battles each other inside the court.

The frustrated husband was the one who headed to a Grade A Customary Court at Igando, a suburb of Lagos, asking the court to dissolve his nine-year-old marriage. The father of four in justifying his request for separation anchored his case on a litany of accusations which include lack of care for their kids on the part of his wife. He further argued that he no longer had the feelings of love and affection he once had for his wife. He also accused her of being a troublemaker who loved to fight him at the slightest provocation.

Emmanuel, a sachet water producer, articulated his allegations thus: "For nine years now, I have been living with my wife. Lately, she started acting strangely. I thought that with time, she would change but all to no avail. She doesn't care about the welfare of my kids and each time I complain about this she will always have one thing or another to say as a defense. When the matter became serious and unbearable for me, I had to endure the reproach of reporting her to her family, even at a point her pastor intervened yet there was no change in her attitude."

He concluded his argument with a lamentation: "I don't love her anymore and there is no affection between us again."

However, when Funke took the stand to clear herself of the grave allegations leveled against her by her husband, she brought an unanticipated twist to the case after denying the initial charge by avowing that "I have always being alive to my avowed responsibilities towards my family."

Continuing, she stunned the court by asserting that for some time now she had being refusing her husband sex not out of any selfish reason but owing to the surgery she had. Her husband, she alleged had not being considerate.

"Some couple of months back I had surgery and as it is now, I am not yet strong. Each time I say no to his sexual advances, he bounces on me and makes love to me through my anus", the court heard from her.

She went on to describe in detail how that bedroom episode became the root of all the misunderstandings that eventually culminated in their present courtroom battles.

After listening to both parties, the court counselled the couple to give peace a chance in their union and the case was subsequently adjourned to a later date.

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