Monday, August 26, 2013

Aftermath of Ankara Boi’s eviction …Glo XFactor contestants step up chase

With the eviction of top favourite, Ankara Boi, from X Factor, the remaining 6 contestants came to the 5th gala show ready to step up their performances as they sang songs from the "Big band era."

Opening the night was Princess Pat Mohie who performed "Diamonds are forever," by Shirley Bassey. Even as she sang, the audience wished that her performance would last forever as they obviously enjoyed the groove and sassiness she brought to bear on the song.

After her performance, Onyeka stated, "My darling sister, we've really reached a point in this competition where you have to step it up. Shirley Bassey is known for her sassiness, but your performance just didn't cut it for me."

But MI countered by saying, "Mama, mama, mama.

I'm sure the young girls are already stealing moves from you tonight. There were times your voice wasn't so audible when you stepped away from the microphone, but just like it happens in life, you brushed it off and moved forward. I think you did a good job". Reggie agreed, saying "It was a pleasure watching you. I liked it."

Next up was DJ Switch who performed Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." She stormed the stage with two dancers who both seemed like they needed rehab. Her performance was 'playful' and effortlessly delivered and it was obvious the audience enjoyed it.

Commenting on her performance, Onyeka said, "As usual, she has something unusual to present. But, is this the X Factor we're looking for? Is this what we can take around the world?" she asked rhetorically.

On his part, Reggie said, "There's no secret that I'm a big fan of Switch. At a point, you were shaky, but you switched it." When it was MI's turn, he had differed from Onyeka. He said, "DJ Switch, two questions. Is this the X Factor? Yes! There are artistes earning millions of naira in Nigeria that should come and learn how to perform from you.

Every week, you teach me and show me how it's done! You can definitely go round the world and hold your own."

Afterwards, Symphony came on stage and gave what was arguably their best performance since the beginning of the show. Looking every bit the gentlemen in their multi-coloured blazers and white pants, the boys crooned and swooned, melting a lot of hearts in the process. Seamlessly delivering their vocals with wonderful stage command and confidence, they sang "Put your head on my shoulder." Onyeka said, "I call you the cat with nine lives. You have shown tenacity and ability to up the ante, but watch out for flat notes and work hard on your harmony." Reggie, who was glad at the performance of his mentees simply said,

"I'll keep it short; thank you Jesus for this performance."

Next on the microphone was Eshun who sang "Big spender" by Shirley Bassey. Her performance created a bit of tension among the judges as they could not come to a meeting point as to how well

she did. Reggie said, "You look good; you're serious about showbiz and you chose a good song. It was nice watching you, but I've seen you do better." MI also said, "you are a performer. Whenever you step on stage, you give it a 100%. But it wasn't a good song." Onyeka would have none of that as she declared, "She did a very good job, with class and sassiness. Africa, please don't let this girl slip through your hands."

Pheel came on stage next singing "Delilah" by Tom Jones.

Led into the stage by an interrogator, the drama that accompanied the performance brought the reality of the song to every member of the audience. After his rendition, Onyeka said, "You have an extra-ordinary voice, there's no doubt about that, but I'll like to know the real you. These songs are distracting me from seeing the real you, but I do think you've got the X Factor."

According to MI, however, "You are an amazing talent. You introduced the song to us in a unique way and it was lovely. I'm sure everybody listening to the song for the first time has fallen in love with it because of the drama you created. Well done."

To wrap up the memorable evening was Vicky who performed "I who have nothing" by Shirley Bassey.

MI said of her performance, "First, I am upset because I wanted to give the song to one of my mentees, but you did so much justice to it. You are blessed." Reggie felt, "This is one of the best performance I've seen from you. You tore that song apart. You made the song your own, therefore, Rockstone is with you."

Making the final comment, Onyeka said amidst smiles, "They couldn't have said otherwise.
It is so ridiculously obvious that you performed well.
Yours is a God-given talent, and I am honoured to be your mentor."

Viewers can watch the performance at 7.00 p.m. on
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The performance show is
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as well as on TVC at 8.30 p.m.
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