Monday, August 12, 2013

Fraud Alert : Actress Bukky Wright Loses N40m To 419ers.

Top Yoruba and Nollywood actress and
producer, Bukky Wright, is not a happy
woman at the moment as she was recently
taken to the cleaners by some fraudsters
popularly called 419ers and the huge sum of
N40 million was conned from her in her
attempt to buy a property in Lagos. We learn
that the Chivita brand ambassador was
skillfully swindled from her after she was
approached by a close family friend about the

Bukky, out of ignorance, flew into
Nigeria, inspected the said property and
being satisfied with it, and wrote a cheque of
N40 m to the swindlers and like the con men
they are, the guys went into thin air and have
not been seen since then. When Bukky tried
all avenues to retrieve her hard-earned
money back, she was said to have realized
that she has been taken for a ride. Though it
is not known if she has reported the case to
the police, we gather that she has swallowed
the bitter pill, knowing that it will take the
grace of God for her to get her money back.

"It was at the beginning of the Ramadan
season that Bukky resolved to leave
everything in God's hands," a source reveals.
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