Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gemulah Entertainment gets an exclusive with Squad 9 Entertainment

Latest Interview: Gemulah Entertainment gets an exclusive with Squad 9 Entertainment and their representative had a whole lot to say most especially about their Annual Easter Fiesta Jamz..... 

Parkinson Damilola

Squad 9 Entertainment is a talented crew that sets up events , shows and lavish parties and it is a seasonal thing and we hope to take entertainment to the next level and our fans know we never disappoint...

The 2013 Easter Event Banner

GE 9JA : Why choose Entertainment over a host of other careers?

SQUAD 9 REP: Entertainment is very complex and Dynamic in which it rally round in all ramifications of our Life and it  is one avenue that brings people from different walks of Life to achieve a common goal of getting entertained and its the fastest socializing medium.

GE 9JA : When did you start Squad 9 Entertainment and when did you launch
your first show?

SQUAD 9 REP:Squad 9 has been in existence since 1998 but we launched our 1st show in 1999 @ DIPSON Hotel in Ikotun Egbe.

GE 9JA : How did Squad 9 Entertainment begin ?

SQUAD 9 REP: Squad 9 begun like a just mere group of boys and a girl who had passion for entertainment and put it into practice and so it is still in existence till now.

GE 9JA : What does Squad 9 Entertainment do?

SQUAD 9 REP: Squad 9 is into Event planning and show biz in general.

GE 9JA : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

SQUAD 9 REP: We are inspired by kennis music and we were also been Motivated by  d way they operated Globally and locally.


GE 9JA : Your Role model? why

SQUAD 9 REP: I.D Ogungbe and we choose him because he operated right from the  grassroots  when entertainment was perceived as an avenue for lazy people to get free bucks.

GE 9JA : Your most embarrassing moments as a group, then as a person?

SQUAD 9 REP: Embarrassing moment was in d year 2011 when our fans seemed not to be present at the event on time it was a slap on our faces then.

GE 9JA :your most rewarding moments as a group, as a person?

SQUAD 9 REP: That was the very 1st show we did @ Oyins Holiday inn in 2010 it was a rewarding show that gave boost and  accelerate to the  personality of each member of the  team

GE 9JA : Squad 9 Entertainment 's  plans for 2013? a leak to your fans?

SQUAD 9 REP: 2013 Edition will be something  different as all our fans already know that we come up with unique and different version every year which make us a genius away from other Entertainment crew so to all our fans out there expect something  great and unique in this year's edition

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