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I Want To Do A Song with 9ICE - Arafada Isolate


Real Name Oluwadamilare Abayomi Adetutu, also known as Isolate Arafada a.k.a Omo'ya Akan'o speaks to Gemulah Entertainment about his supposed with super hit maker Abolore Adegbola Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola, better known by his stage name 9ice .
packaged and delivered by Parkinson Damilola (Gemulah's First Born)

G.E 9JA : Your Full Name?

Isolate Arafada : My names are Oluwadamilare Abayomi Adetutu, also known as Isolate Arafada a.k.a Omo'ya Akan'o

G.E 9JA : Why Music? Over a host of other careers.

Isolate Arafada: I choose music 'cos I got so much passion for music, I started as an instrumentalist and a vocalist.

G.E 9JA : Where do you Hail from? and can you tell us a little bit about your growing up in Nigeria?

Isolate Arafada : I hail from Oyo State, Ogbomosho, Agbole Eleshin Metta, California.
I was born and brought up in Lagos, I am the only child of my parents, I stay with my mum as my Dad is late, I lost Him September 6th 2006.

G.E 9JA : I am very sorry about your Dad! Eyin Baba A da o!

Isolate Arafada : Thanks mehn. Amen ( Isolate Laughs a lil) Baba ti lo tie o.

G.E 9JA : When did music start for you and when did you record your first single?

Young Isolate

Isolate Arafada : I started music professionally in the year 2000, and my first singles "Miliki", "Aimasiko" and "Sunmobi" were produced by Rayce,  I call him Admire Beats, and my very first major featuring was with Morachi on " The Proof" Album track titled "Hustlers Story" I also featured the like of Gino on "Ara" , Sossick ", after that I have gone to work with a lot of artiste like Dagrin on "Mo ti Gboro", Stidman "Binu Binu" , Lord of Ajasa "Owo Epo", Owen Gee remix "Leave Level", Koffi, Omo Baba NO.1,
bro, a lot more of Stars, just to mention A few. Then I have a work with Rayce that is yet to Drop 
"Ara lamo"
I also wrote the Choc Boi Anthem " Test Me"
I was on Profyle's Track with Owen Gee "Love For The Street"
Also Dharsaw on "e fiyen le",
and  a whole lot of great jobs, Dammy. I no fit remember many now o.

G.E 9JA : Among all the names you have mentioned, You did not mention "9ice", why?

Isolate Arafada : (Isolate Laughs and shouts my Name) WHY? It is simple , we have not yet had any job to work on just yet!

G.E 9JA : Now to your Controversial Track "Ebity" , was it truly Directed at 9ice ?

Isolate Arafada : No, it was just to correct people's impression on the photocopy track from 9ice,
as the song was already existing before the controversy , I mean it was produced by Rayce far before 9ice's track, and the song is just to announce my style of music, that I am totally different from what people might have gone on to say!

G.E 9JA : OK Isolate, What Does "Ebity" mean ?

Isolate Arafada : It means no matter how the timber falls in the forest it can't kill an ant, 
Ebiti o pera > timber can't kill an ant when fell, no matter how hard it falls.

G.E 9JA : How did you come about your Stage name "Isolate"?

Isolate Arafada : It all started in my school days , I was the introverted type, i did not engage in much class social activities ,'cos i was more a listener than a talker in class, which kinda set me apart, then a friend walked up to me and said , "guy, why you dey always ISOLATE yourself" , then and then I picked Interest in bearing that particular name, and that's how the name stuck!!

G.E 9JA : What does your stage name signify?

Isolate Arafada : Being Outstanding, being unique, being different, being in a world of my own kinda music.

G.E 9JA : Were you part of any boy band/group while growing up? and what happened?

Isolate Arafada : Yes buh lets not talk 'bout that.

G.E 9JA : What genre of music do you do? and why this choice?

Isolate Arafada : My style of music is called Trado-Funk, and that why I am Isolate , because it is set aside from all other kinds of music genre and it also contains all genre of music 'cos its a fusion of all the genre of music and language. I can cut across and relate to both Old and Young, anywhere in the world.

G.E 9JA : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Isolate Arafada : GOD first, Passion, (Isolate switches to pidgin English)  even the passion and motivation sef nah GOD give me. So its all GOD!!! HE is the source of EVERYTHING I have been, EVERYTHING  I am , EVERYTHING I will be.

G.E 9JA : Your role models? and why them?

Isolate Arafada : Wyclef ( cos he is a fusion of music itself), Saheed Osupa (His content in Fuji), Dele Abiodun (his style of JUJU music).

G.E 9JA : Your most embarrassing moment as Isolate Arafada, then also as an individual?

Isolate Arafada : So many that I can't count buh I gotta keep my head up and look less on insults, criticism  and embarrassment as a whole!!!

G.E 9JA : Your most rewarding moment as Isolate Arafada, then also as an individual?

Isolate Arafada : I think it would be when I got a merit award for the best Street Hop for my song 
"Igo Kan" by SEPH Entertainment in September 2012, and uhmmmm..............when I see people dance to my tunes , pop drinks to my tunes and can't get enough of my songs, its actually the most rewarding when you get paid and appreciated for your work.

G.E 9JA : What are your hobbies?

Isolate Arafada : I love travelling, i support any winning team in soccer, i love listening and reading food stuff.

G.E 9JA : Best Food, Color, Fashion Trend, Relaxation Spot/Activities?

Isolate Arafada : My best meal is efo riro, ogufe and a cup of juice, then you have made my day, i love combining African style on hip hop, like Ankara on jean , linen on Jean and other crazy combo. I sleep to relax ....

G.E 9JA : Aside music, what else do you think you would been doing now?

Isolate Arafada : I would be an instrumentalist, so you see my life is entertainment, or i would rather be an actor!!

G.E 9JA : Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you have been able to handle female fans?

Isolate Arafada : I love to just make friends with them, 

G.E 9JA : Can you also tell us what your fans should be expecting in the year 2013?

Isolate Arafada : I already dropped a pre-single "Change your Style", the official singles would be dropping as well,and expect a whole of visuals and expect a whole lot more from Arafada Himself. and a whole lot of re branding!

G.E 9JA : Tell us also about your latest single, "Change Your Style" ?

Isolate Arafada : It actually a pre-single before the official single drops, that would be soon!! its just a street direct song, that cuts across all ages, its a sing along track with and its contents ,that  you can also pray along with. 

G.E 9JA : If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with any Artiste globally, who would you pick?

Arafada Confessing That He would Fancy a Duet With 9ice!!!
Isolate Arafada : I would pick 9ice (both Interviewer and Isolate Laugh), Asha and beautiful Nubia

G.E 9JA : So what  would you want to tell your fans, worldwide?

Isolate Arafada : Keep Believing in you, don't do drugs , be the best you can be anytime!!! Gbayi mo'ya

G.E 9JA : Would you also drop a freestyle/ punchline for the fans?

Isolate Arafada : "I thank You Lord, From the beginning,
dem say my music hard to chew like kilishi,
I work so hard to concentrate,
opo won womi bii wipe mowa insane"
"kosere tale fi omo ayo se"

G.E 9JA : Thanks a lot Arafada, we hope to see you more this year? buh before we go, why ARAFADA?

Isolate Arafada : It is 'cos of my major featuring single that i featured great rapper Gino,titled "ARA" and the track was glued to the lips of so many fans and even though ARAFADA had been existing even before the song ,but it projected the artistic part of me with a fully African view and ideology to my kinda genre of music, that's why I am ARAFADA
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