Friday, February 15, 2013

I Quit My Job At FCMB For Music - Gemulah Exclusive With Afro Hi-Life Artiste Sammy Vessel

Real name, Adewale Favoured Adeoye,

Popularly called Sammy Vessel , as he had been called from his childhood days in his church choir, the name which means,  he is Sammy A Living Vessel, a vessel that radiates modern day Afro hi-life music, he also quit his at a bank to take on his music career fully, and he is also and entrepreneur in his right. 
Sammy Vessel, A vessel to be reckoned with!!!!

G.E 9JA         :       Where do you Hail from? and can you tell us a little bit

               about your growing up in Nigeria?

Sammy Vessel: I hail from Eruwa in Ibarapa East LGA of Oyo state. I was born in the village and had a little challenge learning and grasping the English language (I was about 6 yrs when my parents brought me to Lagos). I remember I was the oldest and the clown of my class as my teachers reveled at my funny accent.

G.E 9JA         :       When did you start music and when did you record your first single?

Sammy Vessel:: I started singing as far back as 1990 when I joined my church choir, but I can't refer to that as a music experience per se. I started music professional when I became a back-up singer for a couple of music bands (about 4 of them) before I launch out mine 2009. I recorded my first single same year.

G.E 9JA          :       Why choose Music over a host of other careers?

Sammy Vessel: Music has always been my passion and that's why I chose it above other career even though I'm an accounting graduate and if I might add, I also compere events.

G.E 9JA       :       What genre of music do you do and why?

Sammy Vessel: I sing afro-hi-life. It was what appeals to me from infancy probably because it is the genre of music I was exposed to by my parents and my environment especially while growing up.

G.E 9JA         :       How did you come about your Stage name?

Sammy Vessel: I belonged to a youth choir called the living vessels. Sammy is from my middle name while vessel is from my youth choir. Sammy Vessel simply means Samuel a living vessel. I chose the name originally as a campaign name while an undergraduate and vying for the post of vice president which I eventually won. Since then the name stuck and I couldn't think up a better stage name ‘cos I just fall in love with the name.

G.E 9JA         :       What does your stage name signify?

Sammy Vessel: I serve a living God and I am his vessel unto honor.

G.E 9JA          :       Were you part of any boy band growing up? And what happened?

Sammy Vessel: Yeah. We were called B2P. It's a gospel boy band comprising of 3 friends who all bears Ade as a prefix to their names. We disbanded due to some disagreement. They actually thought I was trying to outshine them. So we all went our separate ways but remain best of friends till date even though they have since left singing and followed their passions.

G.E 9JA        :       Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Sammy Vessel: It’s just GOD!

G.E 9JA        :       Your Role model?  And why?

Sammy Vessel:     Commander Ebeneezer Obey, he is legendary and I just love his style.

G.E 9JA        :       Your most embarrassing moments as an Sammy Vessel, then as a person?

Sammy Vessel: As Sammy Vessel when I went to perform at an event in Ogun state and couldn't sing out because I felt like throwing up on stage and had to be excused even while the performance was on.
Personally? That's the day I fell from a molue (very large commuter vehicle) while trying to jump off at top speed. I was relatively young and had my skin bruised.

G.E 9JA          :      .your most rewarding moments as Sammy Vessel, as a person?

Sammy Vessel: Thus far, my last event at Eldorado, but hopefully that will be the least with time.

G.E 9JA        :  What are your Hobbies?

Sammy Vessel: Reading, Swimming, surfing the web, playing! I love to play a lot!

G.E 9JA       :       Best food, color, fashion trend, relaxation spot?

Sammy Vessel: Eba, blue, whatever is in vogue but modest, any cool place with a large/Olympic-size swimming pool will do.

G.E 9JA        :       Your plans for 2013? A leak to your fans?

Sammy Vessel: My demo is coming out soon! Titled: FORETASTE...a prelude to the album PING!

G.E 9JA         :       Aside music, what else would you be doing now?

Sammy Vessel: I am actually gainfully employed so music is more like a hobby/side business for me. I also possess 3 years cognate bank experience with First City Monument Bank PLC.

G.E 9JA          :       Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you            have been able to handle female fans?

Sammy Vessel: (Vessel laughs)...I have had my fair share of women but now I am happily married to the best woman in the world and we are blessed with children. As for female fans, they are a blessing and nothing more than the fans-Sammy Vessel relationship that exists between us.

G.E 9JA:       If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with any artiste globally, who would you pick to do a song with?

Sammy Vessel: R. Kelly.

G.E 9JA       :       So what would you want to tell your fans, worldwide?

Sammy Vessel: Expect the best from me.

Sammy Vessel and His Inspired Vessels Band are available for live performances at your weddings, burials, birthdays, and social events and
All round celebrations.
Sammy Vessel is also a seasoned events compere.
Call : 08073676937, 07025969419 , 08060016011.

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