Thursday, November 27, 2014

4 Amazing Stories Of Women Who Gave Birth Without Knowing They Were Pregnant

As weird as it sounds, the phenomenon of surprise birth is not as rare as one may think. Statistics show that one in 600 mothers-to-be will be unaware they are pregnant until they give birth, or just before. This is more common among busy women, those who may already be overweight or those
approaching menopause. It tends to happen in menopausal women and younger busy women because they are not expecting to be pregnant and won't be looking for signs.

1.The woman training for half-marathon who gave birth, didn't know she was pregnant Trish Staine thought the severe back pain she was experiencing stemmed from intense training for a half-marathon. Turns out that "back pain" was actually labor pain, and one day later, she was holding her newborn baby girl.Staine, 33, says she had no idea she was pregnant before the surprise birth. The Duluth mother of three said she hadn't gained any weight or felt fetal movement in the months before. Also, her husband had a vasectomy. On June 22, 2013, she ran for about two hours in preparation
for the Garry Bjorklund half-marathon. She complained of a sore back and when she got home, she thought a bath might help her pain. As she talked to her husband  on the phone, Staine said her
pain was becoming unbearable. Her husband called an ambulance.
During the emergency room examination, Staine and her husband were stunned to learn medical staff had detected a fetal heartbeat. She was whisked to the delivery room and in what she said seemed
like 5 minutes later, her daughter was born. She weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 18.9 inches long. Born about 5 weeks early, the Staines named their little girl Mira .

2. The woman who gave birth on the toilet because she thought she had stomach flu Gaynor Rzepka had no idea she was pregnant – until she gave birth on the toilet. The 25-year- old was at her parents' house in Llantwit Major, Glamorgan, when she awoke with a sharp pain in the early hours of February 16 2014. Thinking she needed the toilet, Gaynor went to the bathroom but instead gave birth. Little Olly-James weighed 2.9kg (6lb 5oz) and was perfectly healthy. Gaynor insists she had no idea about the pregnancy, claiming she continued to have periods and experienced little weight gain throughout. She continued her job at a supermarket in Cowbridge, completing a ten- hour shift the day before she gave birth, and even ran the Cardiff Half Marathon five months into her pregnancy.
She added, with hindsight, that the only clue to her pregnancy was a craving for Mars bars, which she usually hates.

3. The woman who didn't know she was pregnant and surprised the 911 dispatcher who took the call
The dispatcher in Kimball County, Nebraska who took the emergency call recognized the address before she recognized the voice of her nephew, Anthony Kuhns. He was asking for an ambulance because his fiancée had just delivered a baby at home. The response from the dispatcher was "Dakota's not pregnant." Anthony and Dakota didn't know she was pregnant either. Hard to believe, until you hear their version of events. Dakota had complained of back pain, but she was in a car crash
a couple of years before and has to sit for extended periods of time at work. She was feeling ill in the fall. When her boss suggested she might be expecting, she took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. She took a second one a month later. It was also negative. A couple of months later, she
was feeling very tired and experienced some stomach pains. Anthony told her rest to on the couch. It was on that couch that Dakota gave birth to their son. Anthony helped with the delivery and called 911.
Paramedics arrived and transported the baby to the hospital in Kimball. Able James was born at just 29 weeks. His oxygen levels were low, but he's made quick improvements.

4. The Catholic nun who gave birth and claimed she didn't know she was pregnant Roxana Rodriguez, a Salvadoran nun, gave birth in Italy in January 2014, claiming she had absolutely no idea she was pregnant. She said she was in her convent in Campomoro when she felt stomach cramps
and was rushed to a hospital in the nearby city of Rieti. She ended up giving birth to a boy. The 31-year-old nun named her son Francis, which also happens to be the name of the current Pope. Apparently she got pregnant when she went to El Salvador to get her passport renewed. Her fellow nuns back at the "Little Disciples of Jesus" convent said they were "very surprised" about all this.  And the convent's mother superior, Sister Erminia, said, "It seems she was not able to resist
temptation." You said it, Sister.
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