Friday, September 12, 2014

Michael Jackson Teenage DaughterPregnant

The teenage daughter of late pop-star, Micheal Jackson, Paris Jackson, is reportedly pregnant Uk Daily Star reported "I saw her at dinner and she twice made a toast drinking water instead of wine.
"That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.

"It's highly unusual to toast with anything but a full glass of wine", a source told UK Daily Star Since Jackson is only 16, it's not that unusual that she would be drinking water instead of wine.
Fans of the young-ster's superstar dad were delighted to hear the whispers.
Lorraine wrote online: "Way to go Paris, I'm proud of you!" Kelly added: "If only Michael was here. This is great news for the Jackson family." Daily Star also claimed there were other
rumors that said Jackson and her unnamed boyfriend were caught
shopping for engagement rings.
Paris Jackson has stayed out of the spotlight since her suicide attempt in June 2013. At the time, she had been posting morose tweets. Later, she reportedly slit her wrists with a kitchen knife and left a note. She was treated when paramedics arrived at her home and then transported to a local hospital. Her suicide attempt reportedly stemmed from her father's untimely death. "She has major depression issues, a lot of it stemming from her dad's death," a source told Us Weekly at the time. It's very real and very sad," the insider
added. "She has been extremely depressed and not been able to sleep lately, staying up all night."
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