Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Key Lessons to learn from Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome’s divorce saga!

1. Never Deprive your spouse with attention, Love and affection. These Three ingredients areb necessary in every relationship.

2. Never Leave Your Role As A Wife To
Housemaids Or Personal Staffs Even If Your Husband is a King Or a Pastor.

3. Never Encourage Long Distance Relationship In Your Marriage. Work Hard To Make It As Short As You Can If You Have To. Never Neglect Your Spouse Thinking that Money Can Keep Her Warm At Night And Play Fatherly Role To Your Kids.

4. Celebrate Every Occasion With Your Family;Christmas,Sallah Anniversaries , Birthdays etc. And Don't Forget To Celebrate Your Spouse In Every Given Opportunity You Have.

5. No Matter How Holy Ghost Filled And Tongue Talking Christian You Are, Listen and Apologize When You Are Wrong And Make Amends Before Your Marriage Breaks. Make Changes On Time, When You See It Is Not Working.

6. Court Is Not A Solution To Family Problems, The Solution Lies In The Spouse. If Only The Spouse Can Reduce Their Pride & Ego And Accept Their Wrongs & Make Amends On The Areas That Are Not Working, They Will Live Happily Ever.

7. Never Forget To Recognise Your Wife As The Most Important Being In Your Life After God, And Never Forget That Your Husband Is The Most Important Being In Your Life. That's Why Michelle Obama Is Always Beside President Barrack Obama.
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