Sunday, August 31, 2014

Meet Giraffe Boy

Most humans have 7 cervical vertrabrae forming their neck. This is the uppermost part of the spinal cord
and connects the spine to the head. Fu Wenghui, however, has 10. This has caused the 15-year old resident
of Beijing, China, a large amount of health issues, reported the Daily Mail. These issues have caused the
young man agonising pain which he has suffered through for years.

Technically, Fu suffers form cogenital scoliosis a birth defect caused by vertebrae that are not properly formed. He also has an abnormally-formed chest frame.
Scoliosis is not uncommon as a whole, though it normally presents in much milder ways. One of the most
frequent forms is through a spine which is curved, causing discomfort even though it may not be visible to
the naked eye.

The condition was diagnosed when Fu was 6 year's old and has plagued him ever since. He has been unable to walk properly and is often the source of unwanted attention.
Fortunately, there is hope for Fu as a local charity have raised enough funds to sponsor his surgery. Doctors
at the Chaoyang hospital are in the planning stages of what will likely be a highly complex surgery, reports
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