Monday, August 12, 2013

The most scandalised Nollywood’sdamsels


There is hardly a Nollywood actress who has not
tasted the sting of a scandal at one time or another
in her career. While it appears some of them go
courting controversies, others have had
controversies tossed their way either by some
overzealous reporters who dig up stuffs about them
and mixed it with a little bit of dirt or by some
circumstantial happenings that caught them right in
the middle.
While some of these actresses have discounted the
many scandals about then others have simply
laughed it off. Like, in every movie industry, there
are some who crave attention and thus go the
distance to expose certain aspects of their lives to
make news headlines. Even though most of these
scandals tend to never pan out, some have been
found to be untrue.
Here are the top ten list of actresses who have been
severally scandalised. Interestingly, these scandals,
true or false, have never dented their careers,
instead, these ladies have come out of it stronger,
bigger and more popular:

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto is arguably the most
scandalised actress in
Nollywood. Every time her
name comes up in the
papers it seems to be about
one controversy or the
other. Some have said she
found her way to stardom
riding on the wings of
controversies and it seems
much of it is true as Tonto seems to take up role
most of her colleagues wouldn't dare. The daring
actress has played all kinds of roles, most of which
border on near nudity and soft porn.
She astounded the movie world not too long ago
when she revealed that it was Jimmy Jatt that
deflowered her. Such is the boldness of the Rivers
State born actress. There have also been rumours of
her sexual involvements with several artistes
including Tuface, KC Presh, Wizkid and even Iyanya.
When she veered into music, like some of her peers
have done, it was controversy galore again as many
critics took her to pieces, hinting the actress has
nothing of a singer in her. And just recently she
posted a near naked picture of herself on Twitter
with large tattoos on her back.

Nuella Njubigbo
'Ella' as she is being called by her many fans have
been linked to series of romance tales within and
outside of the industry. The first one that went viral
was the romantic involvement with Yul Edochie and
it appeared there was an element of truth in that. At
least the dashing actor once owned up to the
relationship and asserted it happened long before
he met his wife.
Though Nuella has come out to deny all these series
of romance but the echoes still linger. The one
about her and the director, Tchidi Chikere was
particularly poignant to her asher PR person had to
come out and released a statement on the matter.
She has also been alleged in a relationship with a
state governor which reportedly earned her a SUV.
Others who have been linked with her in the past
include footballer Emmanuel Emenike and a few

Cossy Orjiakor
Cossy has said she is one of
the most misjudged person in
the entertainment industry but
that does not excuse her image
of 'high octane sensuality'. Her
boobs have become the label
through which people identify
the actress and she doesn't
help matters as she flaunts
these at every occasion.
The most popular scandal about her is that of her
sleeping with a dog for a fee but Cossy has denied
this at every turn. If she is truly misjudged it cannot
be about her excesses in exposing her sexy body.
Recently she tweeted near-naked pictures of herself
just to show off her new panties and also posted in
the social media a picture of herself in 'orgasmic
bliss', possibly giving her fans the picture of herself
at the height of a sexual act. But with all her
excesses Cossy is such a nice person to know and a
very focused one. Perhaps, that is why she is "one
of the most misjudged person in the industry".

Lola Alao
Lola was recently thrown into a controversy
involving her good friend, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe and a
member of the House of
Representatives, Hon. Dino Melaye. It was a messy
affair and Lola, who said she was wrongly accused
and implicated in the matter, was at the centre of it
Before the Lola-Bisi-Dino saga, there was the issue
of her husband, who labelled her on the pages of
newspaper as "diabolical" but Lola said in a recent
interview that she doesn't bear grudges against
anyone. In spite of her former husband's campaign
in the media to drag her name in the mud Lola has
never once spoken ill of the man and even saying "I
liked the guy. He was a nice guy. It just didn't work

Funke Akindele
Funke was really an actress with
many sex scandals. It was also
rumoured that she had escapades
with some notable men before her
marriage to Oshodi big boy, Alhaji
Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede. Even
her marriage which held the
movie world spellbound was
shrouded in controversy. She has
been implicated in secret relationship with many of
her colleagues
Bisi Ibidapo Obe
Bisi Ibidapo-Obe is not new to controversies in fact
this beautiful actress has always had one
controversy or the other trailing her. Her alleged
relationships with Timaya, K1 and several others
made headlines not too long ago.
And recently her controversial personality took a
dive after she announced that Dino Melaye was
responsible for her pregnancy. The tabloid again
was filled with tales of Bisi and Melaye's alleged
romance-which the ex-honourbale member denied.
7months after she claimed she met the father of her
child, she was delivered of a baby girl and she was
once again in the news when she named the child
after Dino Melaye.
Genevieve Nnaji
Despite her super star status
in the movie industry,
Genevieve has had many
controversies to add to her
growing profile.
Before she became as big as
she is today she was
reportedly involved in
romanctic affairs with several
actors, like Pat Attah, Kunle
Coker and others. And when the tale of a man who
claimed to be the father of her only child waged a
media blitz on her, Genevieve's popularity soared.
She was even said to have dated an ex Vice
President. On top of all that there is a lingering
rumour of her secret affair with D'Banj, which many
have said could lead somewhere.

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