Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Eedris and Don Jazzy Saga

Eedris took the jab at the Mavin Records boss in his new music video 'I go whooz you' featuring upcoming act V-Tek. In the four-minute video, Eedris calls out Don Jazzy over a comment he made about rappers not being appreciated by their parents.

'They say Don Jazzy sey if you dey rap, you dey waste your time, sey if you be rapper, your papa no go dey proud…this is getting crazy Jazzy better watch your mouth. I've been yor number one fan when Mo'Hits was sold out, rap is the reason why you are getting that Naira, rap na the reason why you're getting that
endorsement. Without the evolution of rappers, you be nonsense', Eedris said on the second verse of the song, dedicating the other half to a number of rappers including veterans
Modenine, Terry tha Rapman, Illbliss and Dr Fresh.

In February 2012, Don Jazzy told HipHopWorld Magazine, 'any Nigerian who ventures into rap wouldn't get respect from their parents'. 'If you decide that you want to do rap, there is one thing that you should put at the back of your mind; you parents are not proud of you whether you like it or not', the Mavin boss said.
Don Jazzy was berated by a number of Nigerian rappers who felt the comments were derogatory. He later released a full statement apologizing for his statements during the

Eedris' diss might be coming too late as that whole brouhaha happened well over a year ago.

Nevertheless, Don Jazzy has responded to the diss, in the most sarcastic way.

'@idris_Abdulkarm Baba if u wooz me, i go still bend down clean your shoe o. i hail. Love your new jam. keep the flag flying boss. God bless',

Don Jazzy said to Eedris on social network
Twitter. Eedris as expected responded 'Don jazzy say if u dey rap say your papa no go dey proud…. ?

That's an insult. I go wooz u. Am a great fan of
don jazzy but am disappointed.

don jazzy say if u be rapper ur papa no go dey proud of you..

Haba, jazzy so u are not proud of us?
And then he added 'E neva reach to clean shoe bro. It is just a tot'.
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