Monday, August 12, 2013

Jaywon is owing us Three more Albums Before he Leaves- Kennis Music

Kennis Music wrote a letter addressing the
general public concerning their deal and
agreement with Jaywon,

After Jaywon declared
his intention to leave Kennis Music,

music wrote the following letter addressing the
public about their deal with Jaywon

"It has come to our notice via Ayo
Animashaun led Hip TV's one sided
story, as usual, that Jaywon is leaving
Kennis Music.
For record purposes and
the future, no one on Kennis Music
signed a 1 Album deal; however, Jaywon
signed for 3 full Albums with only one
out (Meet Jaywon).

Discussion of Jaywon's contract renewal
is not on the front burner.
In another news, Kennis Music Channel is
currently on test transmission on the 4th
platform after successful launch on Star
Time Nigeria, Daarsat HD Nigeria/Africa
and Strong HD World Wide.

Public Affairs Unit.
Kennis Communications."
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