Saturday, May 18, 2013

My 'Dirty Secrets' - Tonto Dikeh

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My 'Dirty Secrets' - Tonto Dikeh

When few years ago controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh featured in a sóft-smut movie called 'Dirty Secret', many tongues wagged. The actress was lambasted by many movie critics, who condemned the film and also Tonto for her role in the film.

In the said movie, Tonto Dikeh interpreted her role like someone, who is well grounded in the act she was acting in the film. She acted the role of a spóilt child, who sléeps with her father and her boyfriend.

Her father, played by Jibola Dabo, was a gynandrous, who also sléeps with his daughter's boyfriend played by Muna Obikwe. At a point in time, they all had a trio. Apart from the storyline, the three major acts played their roles like a smut movie.

But in a recent interview, Tonto revealed why she agreed to act in the film and interpreted it well. The Ikwere, Rivers State-born celebrated actress disclosed that she agreed to play the role because it was a true life story of a girl.

Tonto said she met with the person the storyline talked about. “Actually, that's a true life story,” she revealed. “I met the girl it happened to and that's why I agreed to do the movie,” she added.
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