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Exclusive Interview with Hip-Hop Comedian Mc Wanted

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Real Name Aroyewun Hameed, He is a fresh graduate of Elect-Elect Telecom, undergoing his service (NYSC) presently… he decided to make himself dinstint in the Entertainment industry, so he does “HipHop Comedy”… to make people happy and Mc Wanted speaks to Gemulah Entertainment about his fusion of comedy and music.

                                   Gemulah9ja: what do you feel as you play music?

Mc Wanted: I feel so good wen performing n seeing people responding 2 me.Basically, am a comedian but trying 2 bring something unique into comedy world....thats why I embark on 'hip-hop comedy' like 4 yrs ago... 
At d beginning I faced lot of challenges before people understood my style, because they think I just wanna be using some known artist influence 2 be popular but later they realize am just doing comedy in ma own way.

Gemulah9ja:  who is your role model in the music world?

Mc Wanted: I can't pick a particular person as my role model because I am standing as the st Hiphop comedian but I look up 2 some comedians in the industry in likes of basketmouth,Seyi law, AY, I go die,omo baba n so on.

Gemulah9ja:  is there anything you would do differently in your career?

Mc Wanted: And if we can look into comedy industry we'll see diff style.... Some do comedy by mocking people (I GO DIE,GORDON...) some use what they see in their immediate environment (Basketmouth,Seyi law...) While some av their personal way of making people happy( Helen Paul, klint d Drunk,CD John...).So I do comedy version of reigning hip-hop tracks as my style of putting smile on peoples faces,and I've done comedy version of tracks like,'Gbamu Gbamu' by 9ice,E No Easy by P-Square,Yan Yan by Slim Joe,I Love My Baby by Wizkid,Only Me by 2-face,Aboki by Ice Prince to mention a few.

Gemulah9ja:  who would you like to be as famous as?

Mc Wanted: Hmm.... I wanna be a world class comedian like'MR BEAN'.

Gemulah9ja:  who would you want to do a tour/concert with?

Mc Wanted: I'll like 2 do a tour concert with JULIUS AGWU.

Gemulah9ja:  how important is music to you?

Mc Wanted: Although my family didn't have anything 2 do wit entertainment @all but ma mum used to encourage me from the beginning and when my dad too, saw I was putting reckless effort 2 entertainment he started granting me his support too.

Gemulah9ja: When and why did you start playing?

Mc Wanted: I played Guitar Box which I used 2 start ma career about 4 years ago in hip-hop comedy 4 my live performances.

yea I was influence by old records cos I used 2 listen to 'Papiluwe n Godogbo' who used 2 form Juju and Fuji music 2 comedy then,of artist like 'Sunny Ade' 'Ebeneezer Obey' Alhaji Ayinde Barrister  So this influenced me in doing d comedy version of hip-hop music.....

Gemulah9ja: Have you been in competitions? Any prizes?

Mc Wanted: Yea, I have taken part in some competitions among which is 'Malox Music International' competition, Although I wasn't awarded as 1st,2nd or 3rd Prize ooo.....what happen was that it was a musical competition,n u know I do comedy wit music,so wen I came on stage it was soo hilarious that they packaged a special Prize 4 me,while they still got 1st,2nd,n 3rd Runner Up in Music.....

Gemulah9ja: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Mc Wanted: Yea! Av been on TV n Radio on different Occasions like interview,featuring a comedy program and so on. And I av ma tracks on Radio stations n ma video on TV stations....I perform in public often coz datz wat I train ma self for as an 'MC'......

Gemulah9ja: How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Mc Wanted: As a comedian is very easy 2 manage mistake on stage coz fans will still think dat itz 'comedy' So often make d mistake,I won't adjust immediately I'll even lay more emphasis on it so dat dey'll I intentionally do it.....

Gemulah9ja: Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Mc Wanted: hmmmmmm!To be sincere I still use 2 get nervous @times b4 getting 2 d performing stage but immediately I get 2 d stage it disappear

Gemulah9ja: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

 Mc Wanted: I'll advise some artist dat use 2 get nervous be consistent in wat dey r going,dey'll get over it wit time.....

Gemulah9ja: Who would you like to feature on a track?

Mc Wanted: if am 2 feature a star artist I'll prefer D'banj....

Gemulah9ja: How often and for how long do you practice?

Mc Wanted: I prefer 2 perform @ big venue wit more crowd, cos it boosts ma moral while performing so that's my practice ......

Gemulah9ja: most annoying moments?

Mc Wanted: Hmmm!,,,, I'll never forget a day I was invited 2 perform @ an award program at Muson Center City Mall 4 Lagos getting there I called d guy that invited me and the guy did not respond to me until I was pissed-off n left back 2 Ogun state we're I am based......I like 2 see ma fans laughing with tears when I perform (i.e wen d laugh is deep...u'll shed tears of joy...sorry of laugh)......

Gemulah9ja: How do you spend your spare time?

Mc Wanted: I like 2 be on social network during ma spare time....BBM,FB,TWT.....

Gemulah9ja conducted this interview via mail

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