Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There Is A New Pope In Town, And Check Out His Celebrity Look-Alikes !!!

Pope Francis will live in Vatican City, but his celebrity doppelgangers reside in Hollywood, New York City and Jersey.
Twitter couldn't wait to pinpoint the new pope's famous look-alikes. Famous faces that apparently bear a resemblance to the newly selected pontiff include Jeffrey Tambor, Woody Allen and the old guy from UP.

1. Kayla♥ @KaylaSykes_

The new pope looks like Norris from Corrie! anyone else agree? 

2. Lizzy Pritchard @Lizzy_Pritchard
Pope Francis looks an awful lot like Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

3. Drake @Drakey31

Pope Francis looks like McLovin in 70 years time.

4. mollie @mollsmason

The new pope looks like the man from the devil wears prada hahaha

5. CatherineC @justCatheRine_

The new pope looks like Mr Fredricksen from Up 🎈 

6. Noel Dávila @NoelDavila

Is Woody Allen the new pope? #newpope

7. Narayan @narayand1989

The new Pope looks like Uncle Junior from The Sopranos

8. Jennifer Beatty @GraphikDeziner

Is it just me? Or does the new pope remind you a bit of Dr. Strangelove?

9. The Bluth Company @BluthCoBlog

The new pope totally looks like George Sr. in Caged Wisdom  #arresteddevelopment #newpope

10. Matt @MattGarforth

Ok, the new Pope looks like Jim Bowen... (thanks to @bens_1989 for bringing this to my attention

What do you think ?
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