Saturday, March 2, 2013

Killers of 15 year old Nigerian boy, Junior Nkwelle, found guilty of manslaughter

Killers of 15 year old Nigerian boy, Junior Nkwelle, found guilty of manslaughter

The 14 year old girl who ordered the stabbing of 15 year old Nigerian boy, Junior Nkwelle, for being ‘disrespectful’ was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday March 1, 2013. 

Junior and his friends had been playing football near his home when an argument broke out. The teenage girl claimed Junior had insulted her during the argument. She then called her 16 year old boyfriend on the phone to a housing estate in Brixton and ordered him to ‘teach Junior a lesson’. The boyfriend thrust a carving knife once into Junior's chest, killing him. This happened in September 2012.

The teenage girl and her boyfriend were cleared of murder by a jury yesterday, but they are facing long prison terms after being  found guilty of manslaughter.

 Witnesses said they heard the girl boasting that she had arranged for someone to stab the teenager and she later went home to fetch a kitchen knife.

When her boyfriend arrived on the scene, he was handed the blade and used it to stab Junior once, piercing his heart and lung.

The youngster collapsed yards from his housing estate home in September last year and was pronounced dead an hour later. 
Prosecutor Jonathan Turner QC said the argument ‘was stupid  and trivial and completely unnecessary’.

‘It was loud enough to be heard by neighbours,’ he added. ‘Words were said, voices were raised and threats were made.

‘She thought that Junior had insulted her or been less than respectful to her. She was very angry and determined that he should be punished – indeed stabbed – to put things right.

‘She called up her boyfriend and was heard to tell Junior that she had arranged for somebody to come and stab him.’

Mr Turner added: ‘He (the defendant) was encouraged and requested by her to come and do this. Indeed, to use an old-fashioned phrase, was set up by her to do this.’ 

The now 17-year-old killer, from Herne Hill, South London, claimed he was acting as a peacemaker and knifed Junior in self-defence.

Both he and the girl, from Brixton, were given anonymity during the trial. They can't be named because of legal reasons. They will be sentenced on April 5.
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