Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Agege Bread Journeys To Europe, From Nigeria to London.

Here’s a quick question for you: where do you get Agege bread? Think hard: the answer may not be as obvious as you think…

A savvy Nigerian businessman, born in Lagos but residing in London for over 30 years, took advantage of the fact that there was an influx of Africans into London over the years. Also realizing that bread has always been popular amongst Nigerians and Africans generally, he dreamt up a business outfit to capitalize on this. And thus, the London based “Agege Bread”, a bakery, was born in 2005.

“The idea of providing a home away from home in England for an average Nigerian in diaspora to enjoy quality and home tasting Nigerian conventional foods at the lowest possible price…that was our aim that gave birth to London Agege bread,” says Agege Bread’s website.

“From a dream, it has grown to become a household name all over London, Northern Ireland and Europe.”

Agege Bread, a family-run outfit, provides lip-smacking diversified delicacies, including the staple Nigerian beans and plantain, rice (in all its shades), chicken and even Yam porridge, to mention a few. They also make pastries, cakes, burgers and, of course, Agege bread.
If you thought it’d be only Nigerians fancying Agege bread, you’d be wrong. Though their customers, undoubtedly, are largely Nigerians based in London, Agege Bread’s consumers are also drawn from the richly cosmopolitan London, including Asians, Carribeans, Londoners and many more. Plus, they also operate a delivery chain, delivering African delicacies directly to doorsteps!

When we asked them, Agege Bread answered that they have big plans for the future of the business. For starters, they intend increasing their consumer base to penetrate some African countries, and also more gain ground in more London cities. Should they succeed, who knows: you just may see the Royal Family lining up to enjoy some Agege bread soon!

(check out their website at http://www.agegebread.co.uk)

Update: we were granted an interview with the man who runs the business. We will be releasing the excerpts of that interview tomorrow…stay with us!

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