Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Battle Chose Me - Emini Olowo

Born Nathan Emmanuel Obi stage name Neo aka Emini Olowo, He is  a rap artist reppin the city of ABUJA, Jos and the Coal City(Enugu) were he hails from, He has been in the music game for about ten years.
He has done some collaboration with up coming artists just like him self on his mixtape Suicide Bomber (Gilen, Tykoon, Moss, A.O, Neptune. Etc). And also worked with some bad producers like (Brace,kenNy,Scrool Etc.)
He went into the music industry because of the love he has for music,
 the road to were he is now has not been easy but because of the motivation, dedication and inspiration he still aim for the spot light. 
His currently working on an album due to come out this year, though he have dropped some singles which have been opportune to play on air. (Birthday and Walkers of Iniquity). And still has a lot in his closet to give to the world. Watch out for the as he tells Parkinson Damilola Of Gemulah Entertainment that 
he is theneXt best thing to hit 
the Nigerian music industry.

Gemulah : Can you tell us why you chose Music as a full time Hustle?

Emini Olowo : They say choose your battle...what happens when a battle chooses you? Fight hard, fight dirty, just win!! so i would say music choose me.

Gemulah : Where do you Hail from? and can you tell us a little bit about your growing up in Nigeria?

Emini Olowo : I hail from the coal city state of nigeria. Enugu state. I was born in Lagos and my family had to move then ABJ came knocking, if I remember vividly, that would be sometime in 1996, Growing up in nigeria at a time of my life was so sweet and easy. Now i guess tins changed when i had to do the hustle my self.


Gemulah : You call yourself "Emini Olowo"? How did you come about the name?

Emini Olowo : I got the name from ma 3rd single, "jangolova". then friends started calling me by the name,And to me,it signifies, that no matter were music takes me, I would never let money control me 'cos Emini Olowo. (He Laughs)

Gemulah : What genre of music do you do? 

Emini Olowo : I believe I can do any kind of music, and I won't limit myself to any genre of music, am a complete music box.

Gemulah : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Emini Olowo : God, my dad, i motivate myself and also let people's lives motivate me

Gemulah : Who would you call your Role Model?

Emini Olowo : My dad O, his decisions and directions all made me Emini Olowo, so who else?

Gemulah : Were you part of any boy band growing up? please tell us about the band?

Emini Olowo : The name of the band is switch lane, when we left secondary school we all went into different universities and got different hustles but i love the fact that we all still do music. we still keep in touch hoping to comeback soon and take the world.

Gemulah : Have you ever had any embarrassing moments that still lingers in your mind?

Emini Olowo : That would be when I traveled all d way to Enugu for a show and it didn't hold after I was proped up fpr the show.

Gemulah : Any very rewarding moments?

Emini Olowo : Yeah, I did a TV show and it was the bomb not BOko OOH

Gemulah : Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you have been able to handle female fans?

Emini Olowo :  Women have always been an essential part of my life, cos i grew up amongst dem, likes of ma mum, sister and love ones. So i dont think handling them has been a problem so far and now sure it would ever be.

Gemulah : What ae your hobbies?

Emini Olowo : love writing songs and movies.

Gemulah : What are your Best Food, Colour, Fashion Trend, and Relaxation Spots/locations?

Emini Olowo : Best food ; none, color ; pink, I love fashion, then I play a lot of football

Gemulah : What else would you have found yourself doing aside music?

Emini Olowo : Movies. i write scripts, very well and am into tv productions.

Gemulah :    Can you also tell us what your fans should be expecting in the year 2013?

Emini Olowo : I am working on a couple of songs and videos

Gemulah : If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with any artiste globally, who would you pick?

Emini Olowo : Mary J Blige.

Gemulah : Why M.J.B ?

Emini Olowo : She is very inspirational , and she has the ability to change any one in to a star and any performance to a star  performance.

Emini Olowo signs out, yessur!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your time with him, watch otu for more updates as he is dropping his album soon
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