Monday, February 25, 2013

The Eye Witness Account Of The Lanre Teriba Attack In South Africa

Lanre Teriba

Contrary to the stories making the rounds, that the Atorise crooner was actually robbed and shot at, we got an eye witness account who happens to be a Nigerian and was present at the event and has heaped the blame on the multi-recording artiste and gospel music superstar and he also accounted that many times Nigerians in South Africa get shot at, almost on a daily basis as the South African men have been duly noted for their rage in jealousy and the account goes below:

Gemulah : Hello, how is South Africa in general?

E.W : Its cool but lots of corruption, I stay at Brooklyn about 10 minutes drive from Oscar Pistorious'  house and I was not far away from Atorise, when he was shot at, it was just a scratch to the dude not a big shot, and it was his fault, he was shot. it's not all about robbery.
Gemulah : Can you give us your full account of the Incident?
E.W : Around Fri/Sat midnight after d show, some south African girls were invited particularly you know musicians exactly when its time for them to lay low they actually want to catch some fun and here in South Africa..they men are famously known to be jealous and kill each other over women cause they are full of jealous rage ..a good example is Oscar Pistorious story which i know you update on your website.. summary u should know the men r full of jealous rage and Atorise and the boys particularly keep entertaining this girls as u know after drinking booze, smoking and what remains if not going to lay themselves to bed and sleep with each other meanwhile this guys most are engage, married or in some relationship but they also like the flashy life..this leads to the men to be ragious and bruised, nabbed and shot ... Atorise was lucky to get a scratch and next time he might not be so lucky and will be really shot to the point of death because it happens and many Nigerians have died through this medium.
Gemulah : OK, so the ladies he went for were already taken? That's a bite
E.W : All ladies in South Africa are taken, believe me, its just when we do it, we know how to do it ,you know, we got the experience and these things we know where to take them and just with eye contact.
Gemulah : Was he actually stripped of his iPad, phones and money?
E.W : Fabricated stories about the iPad and phones and money..common there were people there also.. the people who shot didn't ..probably the Nigerians or rather some other unknown stole his boys stuffs its a cover up story for it to look like robbery but those ones claim he wants to rape their girlfriend also.

Gemulah : Things gone wrong, right?
E.W : well it's the truth about the whole situation.. just so sad Nigerians wont report the right thing all in d name of protecting the stars
Gemulah : Thanks a lot. 
E.W : You welcome .
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