Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nigerian jailed for 4 years as CCTV camera caught him attack a teenager.

Left Pix : Ayoade Micheal

Right Pix : CCTV camera captured attack on the teenager.

The 35 year old Nigerian man, Michael Ayoade, who was caught on CCTV punching a teenage girl and a female student, and leaving them unconscious on the ground, has been jailed for four years.

Michael attacked female student, Daniella Montieth, in 2011, without any provocation. She was taken to the hospital with a broken tooth after he hit her in the side of the head at Plaistow tube station. Then on November 13th 2012 he jogged up behind a 16-year-old girl in the High Street and punched her in the head. The teenager fell to the ground, breaking three of her teeth. (pictured above)

Ayoade was arrested shortly after the attack on the teenager

During his trial, Ayoade said the teenager had "looked at him in a rude way" and that he could not go through the rest of the day having taken "an insult from a little person like that".

Ayoade was yesterday sentenced to four years in prison for the attack on the teenager and 19 months for punching the student. The two sentences will run concurrently.

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