Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finally, Symphony exit Glo X Factor

The only remaining group in X Factor, Symphony
from Ghana, bowed out on Friday night after an
eventful sojourn in the singing reality television
The trio became the fourth act to be evicted from
the show after the other two groups, SmoothBoiz
and DNA Twins, as well as Ankara Boi all got
eliminated from the show whose winner will receive
N24 million cash prize from show sponsors,
Globacom, and a recording contract with Sony
As show host Toolz received from a representative
of Alexander Forbes the envelop containing the
names of the two acts with the lowest votes, the
question on the minds of the audience at the studio
was: "Who would it be tonight?"
Before announcing the voting result, Toolz directed
her first question to MI: "You're the only judge who
still has all his mentees in the competition; are they
making you proud?" MI responded, "All the
contestants have done well; they always do me
proud. At this level of the show, I think, they've all
proved themselves."
She asked Reggie, "Symphony put up a beautiful
performance last week; did they impress you?" He
responded, "Symphony did a good job last week.
They put up a fighting chance and showed us that
they're real fighters. They've come up as big
surprises. The underdog has risen and now, all eyes
are on them.
Toolz then introduced Kwabena Kwabena, a Glo
ambassador from Ghana, for a surprise
performance. "Naija are you ready?" he asked as
he pranced on stage in his black, knee-length
garment and orange trousers. He was mesmerizing
with his stage craft and got a resounding applause
from the audience. On his advice for the
contestants, "Stay original," he declared simply.
When Toolz finally announced the results, it was
Symphony and Vicky who were the bottom two.
"You guys are here for the third time; are you
surprised?" she asked the Symphony group. "Not
really," they responded. "We are really getting
better and we had a great performance last week.
Well, we're here because we're fighters; we'll keep
on fighting.
"I thought you gave an amazing performance last
week, are you surprised being here?" Toolz asked
Vicky as the young lady betrayed no emotions. "I'm
not surprised. I thank God for bringing me this far. I
think I gave a wonderful performance last week
though." Vicky answered
"Are you surprised?" Toolz wanted to know from the
judges. "I'm a bit surprised! This baby girl gave a
wonderful performance last week. Africa needs to
vote; come on people," the dreadlocks wearing
Reggie admonished.
"To be honest," MI began. "I don't know the answer
to that question. I have been lucky all my
contestants are still in the competition. Like I said
earlier, they're all doing great
The two acts proceeded to sing for the judges to
decide who goes home. "I vote for Vicky. We can't
afford to lose her," Onyeka said after her
performance. "Who would you like to save?" Toolz
asked Reggie. "Like in all things I do, I put Jah first.
They're both really good; they both stole the show.
However, I have to look out for my chosen. I pick
Symphony," he said.
"MI," Toolz said poignantly, "You've been put in an
awkward position yet again. Who would you save?"
"Both of you gave great performances last week,"
MI said to the contestants. "I feel Symphony gave
the best performance last week. However, I always
tell myself, 'Judge, be honest. Who has been the
best and most interesting?' Unfortunately,
Symphony, your X-Factor journey ends here." he
finished off.
"Thank you so much," Vicky said as she dissolved
in tears.
"This is it. All your acts are gone. How do you feel?"
Toolz asked Reggie.
"Everybody here today is proud of them. I'll stand
up to salute them; you can do the same," he urged
the audience as he stoop up to give his final salute
to his fellow countrymen.
Thus bowed out the Ghanaian group who had
previously survived two close evictions.
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