Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zay Rondon, 15year Old Rapper comes to Gemulah. Read all about him.

Latest Interview:

Zay Rondon,real name Jose Meregildo, a 15 year old rapper/producer from Philadelphia, PA. started rapping at the young age of 10 when his friend Ra'Shaun told him, he rapped, it interested him and made him want to start writing himself. He used to try to make beats here and there but really started producing last summer. He met Ramon (remember the 15 year old sensation that was right on this blog?) @RCOZanyx at 13 and from then on they  started recording. They started Rockets Crew last summer with Nazo, Sam Jay, Young Zan, and Apollo Eddy. Rockets Crew is currently working on their debut EP and Zay, Zanyx, and Nazo are currently working on their debut mixtapes.

Zay Rondon's main influences are Odd Future, Pro Era, Thundercat, MF DOOM, Kendrick Lamar, The Neptunes, and Eminem.

G.E 9JA : It is nice to have you right here on Gemulah9ja exclusive interview session, please
tell people who Felipe(ZayRondon) is ?

Felipe(ZayRondon): A 15 year old artist from Philly. I've been doing this since 10 & don't plan on stopping any time soon. I'm just working hard to make my dreams a reality, no matter what it takes. Felipe Uzumaki is my producer alter ego that works with samples, while Zay does everything on his keyboard.

G.E 9JA : How and When did music start for you and when did you
record your first single?

Felipe(ZayRondon): I recorded my first single when i had just turned 14 with some studio equipment my mom bought me for my birthday. I've progressed a lot since then so I decided to take it down

G.E 9JA : How was growing up for you in America?

Felipe(ZayRondon): I lived a pretty normal life. I was exposed to a lot as most kids from Philly are. I moved a lot from North to Northeast and am currently living in Northeast Philly. If it wasn't for my mom I'd probably be in the streets right now doing bullshit, but she lead me to the right direction & encourages me to do what makes me happy in life

G.E 9JA : How did you come about your Stage name?

Felipe(ZayRondon): My real name is Jose, & my cousin (Zan) gave me the nickname Zay. Rondon is my mother's last name, I don't get along with my dad at all & I love my mom so much that it was kinda of a no-brainer to use her name. Plus I always thought Rondon sounded tight

G.E 9JA : What does your stage name signify?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Nothing really, just a different version of my actual name

G.E 9JA : What genre of music do you do? and why this choice?

Felipe(ZayRondon): I don't really like genres, I just consider it all music. The songs that I've released are all Hip Hop/Rap, but most of the (unreleased) instrumentals I made sound like something you'd listen to in space. That's really the sound I'm tryna go for, I am a rocket after all

  G.E 9JA : Your source of inspiration and motivation?

Felipe(ZayRondon): My Rockets Crew brothers, my favorite artists, successful people that struggled to get where they're at, my mom, and the universe

G.E 9JA : Your role model? and why them?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Tyler, The Creator is my role model. His music's amazing, I think he's the greatest person alive actually haha. He's a rebel against what society thinks is right, he isn't afraid to speak his mind, he doesn't follow what's popular & just does his own thing. I'm kinda like a younger version of him & I relate to him so much. I never had a good father figure so I kinda see him as that even though he's only 6 years older than me. He's more like the older brother I never had. He inspires people to do whatever makes them happy & for everyone, especially kids who are considered "weird", to be themselves

G.E 9JA : What is the name of your favorite Nigerian or African musician?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Tyler's half Nigerian, so him

G.E 9JA : Your most embarassing moment as Felipe(ZayRondon), then also as an

Felipe(ZayRondon): Nothing really embarrassing has happened as Zay, but as an individual too many have happened. The most recent was probably getting pantsed in front of females on a cold ass day hahahaha

G.E 9JA : Your most rewarding moment as an Felipe(ZayRondon), then also as
an individual?

Felipe(ZayRondon): As Zay, probably this interview haha. Or finishing certain songs. I really haven't been rewarded with much yet, hopefully in the future.

G.E 9JA : What are your hobbies?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Music, drawing, playing video games, watching tv, skating, fapping, doing dumb shit with my friends, and discovering new music. I'm always looking for something new to listen to

G.E 9JA : Best Food, Colour, Fashion Trend, Relaxation Spot?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Food: Bacon, porkchops, chicken, and platanos. Colors: Red, Blue, and Black. I don't follow trends but my favorite brand right now is Imaginary Foundation, they have really dope space clothes that's similar what I want Rockets Crew image to look like. Relaxation Spot: My room

G.E 9JA : Aside music, what else do you think you would have been doing now?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Before music I lived in North Philly, I thought I was a hood ass nigga back then hahaha. So I din't know, either selling drugs or nothing, like most kids my age.

G.E 9JA : Tell us a little about your life with women, and how you
have been able to handle female fans at such a tender age?

Felipe(ZayRondon): I'm in love with someone, we recently broke up but we're still talking and trying to work things out. And female fans just show mad love, they're tight

G.E 9JA : Can you also tell your fans, what they should be expecting
in the year 2013?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Bipolar. My first project. The Enlightenment by Zanyx. Rockets Crews' dropping an EP soon and possibly a mixtape later this year. Nazo's working on his tape. And yea, that's about it

G.E 9JA : If you had an entertainment wild card to do a single with
any musician globally, who would you pick?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Tyler, The Creator. No doubt

G.E 9JA : So what would you want to tell your fans, worldwide?

Felipe(ZayRondon): Thanks for supporting, I really appreciate any love I get. And stay tuned for what's coming next, y'all won't be disappointed.
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